Friday, 2 May 2014

Lipstick Powder and Paint. - Makeup bag review.

Todays post is all about a make up bag I got a few weeks ago. I love it so much I have to do a review on it.
The company of the make-up bag is 'Shurti'. I had never heard of this company, so I will definitely be looking for some more things of there's.
First of all the size of this bag is perfect, it is meant to be a travel bag but you would use it as an everyday make up it is that big, the length of the bag is also a really good size. You can fit a normal size make up brush in without struggling. The height of the bag also is amazing.
The writing on the bag is super cute, 'Lipstick Powder and Paint' is what I love the most about the bag. I also really love the font the writing is in :)
I also like the colour scheme; the red and the white go really well and don't over power the bag.
So I really recommend this bag, everybody needs it!

Lot's of love
Sydnii x  

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sydnii's Seven Days - Week 1

So, some of you guys will already know Jenny from the blog ever weird but on her blog she doing my weird week and that gave me the idea to start my own one. So here it is 'Sydnii's 7 days'. I have to take a picture everyday and write about it. Hopefully I will keep it up but knowing me I will forget to do it and it will be a one time thing.

Monday -

On Monday I took this cheeky selfie with my brother and sister. I thought it was pretty cute.
Tuesday -

On Tuesday this boy(I do know him) got my phone and took a selfie, Nothing really happened this day. It was the first back after the easter holiday so it was pretty boring.
Wednesday -
On Wednesday, Me and Jenny did a no makeup day at school. I really don't know why, I looked terrible all day! We are never doing that again!
Thursday -

On Thursday my mum got me the Body Shop Lip Scrub in strawberry. She knows I love my strawberries ;).
Friday -
On Friday our family got invited to a friends birthday barbeque. Unfortunately it was raining but luckily she did have a gazebo so we didn't get wet even though we were shriving like mad. 
Saturday -

On Saturday I went to a 13th birthday party. Can you spot me? Hint : My hair is Straight..
Sunday -
Today has just been a homework/Lazy day. Nothing ever really happens on sundays!
So I hope you guys will like the series on my blog and I am so about the iPhone 4 photos, i don't really want to take my camera to school. I would look a tad weird.
Bye My Little Beavers
Love you all.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

my clothing wishlist

1. Monochrome collared dress//Love clothing. 2. Mesh Shift dress//Love Clothing 3.Daisy Shift dress//Miss Guided.
4.New balance 547//JD sport.

As you can see I am a fan of Shift dresses...
I have been looking at dresses because I am going to party at the end of April and I want a new outfit.
The first website that popped in my mind was Love clothing because I heard that they had got new stock in so I went to look for some dresses and I found number 1 and number 2.

I like number 1 because You can dress it up and down. You can dress it up by wearing high  heels and a chunky necklace or you can wear it down by putting a pair of tights on and style it with some Doc Martens. Also because it is black it will go with almost everything.

Number 2 is a favourite of mine because it's a beautiful dress. It will pretty with some high heels and a beautiful necklace, it also not too long. It is a typical party dress but very original because of the mesh part at the neck line of the dress.

Number 3 is from a website called Miss Guided. This dress is a casual dress and will look nice with my item number 4. But like the other one you can also dress it up. I just really like this item and will look really pretty when you are in town.

And finally item number 4 is a pair of Trainers, These Trainers are New Balance's 574. I think they would be perfect for PE at school but look nice with jeans and some dresses. They are good for walking around town because they look comfy and because they are navy they would go with a lot of things.

Bye my little Beavers
Sydnii x

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


when people go to the toilet I think the one thing everyone wants to do after is wash their hands, because of all the horrid and icky germs.
well I thought I would tell you about my favourite hand soap and hand cream, its a weird post but oh well.
my favourite soap is the 'NSPA hand wash and hand cream'.
I got these two for Christmas but I have only just started to use them and so far they are amazing, the hand wash makes your hands feel very clean and not feel like you still have germs on your hands.
the best thing is that the hand lotion tops it all off, it makes your hands feel really smooth and it doesn't stick on your hands for too long.
so far these products are the best hand products I have used in a long time.
I seriously recommend them. 
they don't cost much, you can get them from Asda.
bye my little beavers.
This was NOT sponsored.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

My Favourite Fragrances | | Miss Sydnii.

Here are some of my favourite fragrances.
I have 4 body sprays and two perfumes.
Hope you all enjoy.
These are my Boots Natural collection body sprays in the scents 'Wild Strawberry' and 'Mango and Passion Fruit'.
These two sprays were £3.00 pound each and they last all day.
You can get them in all different scents but these were my favourites.
The Scents smell just like they should and they are not too strong and not to weak.
They are my go to body sprays.
This my 'Impulse Tease' Body Spray.
It is in the scent of Red fruits and Woods.
I normally use this spray on trips or sleepovers because they a cheap and perfect for everyday.
I have tried many Impulse Sprays but this scent is my favourite.
It smells fresh and fruity.
It doesn't last all day but last's a pretty long time.
This is my 'Charlie Shimmer spray'.
This was one of my first sprays I bought,
and I have been buying it ever since.
They are very cheap and last all day.
You can also get mini ones which are perfect for your school/work bag.
I don't really know what it smells of, it just smells... NICE!
I really recommend this if you are on a really tight and cheap budget.
Here Is my 'Honey by Marc Jacobs' perfume.
This stuff is the most amazing thing ever.
It is very expensive though..
Aside that it lasts all day.
It smells perfect.
I can't even explain it.
The packaging is so pretty and I love the detail he puts on everything.
Finally this is 'Our Moment'.
Because I am a big directioner I had to get this,
I am so glad I did.
I love fruity smells and this is what 'Our Moment' smells of.
I just loveee itt!
Oh and sorry about the heart in the picture.
I didn't take enough pictures of it lol.
Love of love
Sydnii. Mwahh x

Sunday, 2 March 2014

My morning skincare routine | | Miss Sydnii.

Jenny gave me the idea of doing my morning skincare routine.
So that is what I am going to do.
I first use my Blackhead Clean and clear
I use this with some cotton pads from Tesco, these were about 99p.
My cleanser was about £3.00.
I put it on my nose and around the edges, this wear I get most of my blackheads.
After that, I then use my Daily Cleanser.
I use this with the same cotton pad.
I put this all over my face and part of my neck.
This was also around £3.00
I then apply my Blemish Stick from Witch.
I put this were my spots are most worst.
I really like these because they are cheap and work amazingly.
They also small, so you don't need to worry about getting spots on holiday.
When you have the handy Blemish stick in your makeup bag.
To make my face smoother and less oily,
I put on my Simple Hydrating moisturiser.
This is great for younger people/teenagers because it is not to hard on the skin.
It is also about £3.00-4.00.
Finally, I put on my Rosy Vaseline.
This makes your lips feel soft and nice.
It also put's a slight tint to your lips.
So if you are having a no make-up day, it will you give you nice tint to your lips without full on lipstick.
These range from 90p - £2.00.
Thanks for reading guys.
Miss Sydnii x

My OOTD - Preston | | Miss Sydnii.

Hello Everyone,
Today I thought I would show you what I was wearing to my day out to Preston.
It was a chilly day so I wanted something to keep me warm but won't make me sweat.
Jumper - New Look
Shorts - Primark.
Collared shirt- H&M
Tights - Tesco.

I really like the detail on my shorts, I think they look really cute and will look so pretty and cute in summer.
 Here is a close up of my collar I wore under my jumper. I think these two colours go really well together.
I wore my Baby Doc Martins with this whole outfit.
I forgot to put some socks so they did rub.
But when they break in they are realllyyy comfy!
Thanks for reading guys.
Miss Sydnii x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Drugstore Tag | | Miss Sydnii.

Hello everyone.
Today I am doing the Drugstore Makeup Tag.
There is 8 questions all about the drugstore.
Lets start!
1. What is your favourite drugstore makeup brand all together?
Mine would be probably be Rimmel or Collection.
I just love them both.
2.What are your favourite face, cheek and lips products?
Well I don't wear foundation but when I do I use 'Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation'.
On my cheek it would probably be Revlon ColourStay Cheek Colour Mineral Blush' The thing is that is my mum's so I don't use it much. Lol.
My lip product would have to be MUA Harry Styles lipstick.
3.Least favourite Product?
Um? This is a hard one because all products I buy are normally ones that people have recommended. It would probably have to be a eyeliner I bought from Collection. Even though I do love Collection It wasn't the best. Sorry Collection :)

4.What is your best makeup bargin?
It have to be my 'Scandal eyes' eyeliner.
It was £2.99 for an amazing eyeliner!
What a barginn!!

5.What is your favourite underdog product? (Something you love that gets lookovered)
 It would probarly have to be 'No clumps mascara' from Collection.
People normally go for the ones they see on adverts, but I really do like this mascara. It is one of my favourite products in my makeup bag ever.

6. A drugstore product that is over priced?
It would probarly have to be mascara. 
Even though people love an amazing mascara it doesn't have to be £20 for a product you put on your eyes. 

7.Show you best drugstore dupe(s)
I don't have any...

8.Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?
It would have to be Primer, I just don't see the point of it. 
To be honest, I don't really know what you do with it. 
Alot of people I know don't use and don't like it, so it is never something I thought of buying. 

Thats it today guys, Hope you enjoyed x

Love you, Mwahh x 
Sydnii x

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

100 random questions | | Miss Sydnii

Hello everyone, today I thought I would do the 100 questions tag, it is different to what I normally do but Oh welll.

1.Whats your full name?
Sydnii Roma Armitage-Beaver

2.How old are you?

3.Whats your birthday?

4. What starsign do you have?

5.Whats your favourite colour?
Red and Pink ;)

6.Whats your lucky number?

7.Do you have Pets?
Yes, a dog called Lennee

8.Where are you from?

9.How tall are you?
No clue?

10.What shoe size are you?

11.How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Too many

12. If you were the Prime minster what is one law you would make?
No homework is allowed

13.If you were a superhero what power would you have?
Time travel or invisibility.

14.and what would your name be?
Super Syd

15.and what outfit would you wear?
A cool one

16.What was your last dream about?
A school trip

17.What would you do if you won the lottery?
Bye a massive house and go on a massive shopping trip.

18.Would you like to build/design your own house?

19.Which form of public transport do you prefer?
Bus or Train

20.What talents do you have?
Dancer and I can touch my nose with my tongue and get my leg behind my head ;)

21.Can you juggle?
Sort of?

22.Can you solve a rubix cube?
As if

23.Do you have a cherished child hood teddy?
Yes, its a panda called Panda

24.Are you physic in any way?
I dunno?

25.Are you a good dancer?

26.Are you a good singer?
I am ok

27.Are you good cook?
Alright one

28.Are you a good artist?

29.Are you a good listener?
Well I hope I am?

30.Are you a good public speaker?
Not really

31.Are you a good babysitter?

32.Are you a good mechanic?

33.Are you a good diplomat?
Dunno what that is?

34.Are you a good employee?
I haven't got a job...

35.Are you a good dresser?

36.Are you a good swimmer?
Sort of

37.Are you a good skier?
Not sure, I have never skied?

38.Are you a good lover?
*Shugs Shoulders*

39.Are you a good musician?

40.Are you a good comedian?
Well,I am funny when I am funny, I can't be funny at the top of my head.

41.Are you a good cleaner?

42.Are you a good actor?
I am ok

43.Are you a good writer?

44.Have you ever been bungee jumping?

45.Have you ever been canoeing/kayaking?
Yep, I have done both and I hate them both... Sorry Tower Wood.

46.What types of holidays do you prefer?
Holidays where you do stuff, no boring relaxing ones for me.

47. Whats the furthest you have been on holiday?
Not clue?

48.Whats your favourite holiday?
One in a caravan ;)

49.Where would your dream holiday be?

50.Can you tap dance?
No because I do Modern Dance

51.Whats your favourite zoo animal?

52.Whats your favourite sport?

53. Whats your favourite food?

54.Whats your favourite pizza topping?
Cheese and tomato

55.Whats your favourite film?

56.Whats your favourite song?
Umm? Rather Be by Clean Bandit

57.Whats your favourite alcholic drink?
I am under aged, sorryyy

58.Whats your favourite non-alcholic drink?
Mango and Passion Fruit Blended from Costa ;)

59.Whats your favourite TV program?
T.O.W.I.E and CBB

60.Whats your favourite boyband?

61.Whats your favourite girl group?
Probs Little mix?

62.What would be your ideal partner?
Someone who cares about you and is really funny. Has to have a great perso and is really good looking.. ;)

63.Do you want Children?

64.Do you want a church wedding?
Not sure yet, probably

65.Are you religious?

66.Do you like reality TV programs?

67.Do you like Tv Talent shows?

68.If you were gay who would your life partner be?
Zayn Malik or Harry Styles

69.If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?

70.How many hats do you own?

71.Are you any good at Pool?

72.Whats the highest you have jumped into water from?
From the deep end hahahhahah

73.Have you ever been admitted to hospital?
Well, I broke my wrist if that counts?

74.Have you had any brushes with the law?
No, I am 12...

75.Have you have been on TV?

76.Have you ever met any celebrities?
Yes, John Lee from S club 7.

77.Have you ever been to Legoland?

78.Have you ever done something heroic?

79.Have you ever played a practical joke on someone?

80.Have you ever been practical joked?

81.What would your best achievement be to date?
Having 100% attendance all the way through year 7 and I have no days off so far.

82.Do you prefer baths or showers?

83.Do you prefer towel drying,hair drying or leaving your hair?
I put my hair up in the towel but then I take it down and leave it?

84.Have you ever built a snowman?
Yes, it was tiny

85.Have you ever been sledging?

86.Have you flown a kite?

87.What colour socks are you wearing?
I am wearing tights haha

88.If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Jenny's house.

89.Have you ever been famous?

90.Would you like to be a big celebrity?

91. Would you go Big Brother?

92.How big is your Tv?
How should I know?

93.What is your most essential appliance?
My phone  

94. What type of music do you like?

95.Have you ever been skinnydipping?

96.How many pillows do you sleep with?
About 5

97.What position do you often sleep on?
On my side

98.What do you wear to bed?
Pyjamas or over sized tops

99.How big is your house?
Well it has 4 bedrooms?

100.Do you prefers sunrise or sunset?

Wow, now my back hurts hahahahah.

Thanks for reading guyssss. Love youu mwahhhh x

Miss Sydnii

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rimmel "Scandal Eyes Eyeliner" Review | | Miss Sydnii.

Hello Everyone, Rimmel has recently launched an eyeliner in the shape of a pen! The tip of the eyeliner is 3D which makes it super easy to create different kinds of lines. Because of the tip you can also easily create a thick and thin eyeliner… And it’s waterproof!

With the Rimmel ”Scandal Eyes Eyeliner” you can create any kind of eyeliner shape depending on how you hold it. I love this eyeliner because you can easily create a very thin or thick line! When you’re in a hurry it really comes in handy!

I love the fact that it’s waterproof! I couldn’t remove the swatches on my hand with water, also I tried to rub it out with my dry hands and it didn’t smudge. 

Love youu x
Sydnii :)

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Favourite Make-Up Bag Products | | MissSydnii.

Hello, Today I thought I would tell you about some of my favourite things in my make-up bag.

1. My favourite product has to be my 'Collection No Clumps Mascara' This product is a must have in everybody's make-up bag. It is just the most amazing thing ever. (No Lie). I wanted a mascara that does not make clumps,So I picked this one up. It definitely does what it says on the packaging.The best thing about it is that it only cost about £2.99,which for me is amazing because I am on a budget because I am only 12! You can find the mascara from Superdrug or Boots. I just love the brand Collection, soooo much!

2. Another product I love in my make-up bag is my 'MUA, Harry Styles lipstick'. This is a beautiful red colour, I am going through a faze at a minute where I love Red and Pink on my lips. So this one is right up my street. It lasts all day without licking your lips and looks amazing on your lips. It was about £3.00 and was from Superdrug, you can also get different colours but Harry Styles was my favourite one. One thing I don't like about it is the way the lipstick rounds up and down, mine is very stiff and is difficult to turn up and down but apart from all of this it is amazing.

3.I really love 'Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts' It is such a beautiful Pink and Gold shimmery blush. I never really wear blush but when I do this is the first blush I go to. It is a really nice "going out" Blush. It makes your cheeks stand out and look fantastic. It is a very pigmented blush, so you don't need much. The packaging has a mirror in but because it is very powdery, it gets on the mirror so you can't really see in it. I am not sure where I got it from, so I am sorry. You could have a look on Amazon or Ebay because you can get them off there for cheap.

 Hope this helped you little on what product's you should buy and wear you can buy them and how much they cost.

Love you all.

MissSydnii x