Saturday, 8 February 2014

Rimmel "Scandal Eyes Eyeliner" Review | | Miss Sydnii.

Hello Everyone, Rimmel has recently launched an eyeliner in the shape of a pen! The tip of the eyeliner is 3D which makes it super easy to create different kinds of lines. Because of the tip you can also easily create a thick and thin eyeliner… And it’s waterproof!

With the Rimmel ”Scandal Eyes Eyeliner” you can create any kind of eyeliner shape depending on how you hold it. I love this eyeliner because you can easily create a very thin or thick line! When you’re in a hurry it really comes in handy!

I love the fact that it’s waterproof! I couldn’t remove the swatches on my hand with water, also I tried to rub it out with my dry hands and it didn’t smudge. 

Love youu x
Sydnii :)

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