Saturday, 8 March 2014

My Favourite Fragrances | | Miss Sydnii.

Here are some of my favourite fragrances.
I have 4 body sprays and two perfumes.
Hope you all enjoy.
These are my Boots Natural collection body sprays in the scents 'Wild Strawberry' and 'Mango and Passion Fruit'.
These two sprays were £3.00 pound each and they last all day.
You can get them in all different scents but these were my favourites.
The Scents smell just like they should and they are not too strong and not to weak.
They are my go to body sprays.
This my 'Impulse Tease' Body Spray.
It is in the scent of Red fruits and Woods.
I normally use this spray on trips or sleepovers because they a cheap and perfect for everyday.
I have tried many Impulse Sprays but this scent is my favourite.
It smells fresh and fruity.
It doesn't last all day but last's a pretty long time.
This is my 'Charlie Shimmer spray'.
This was one of my first sprays I bought,
and I have been buying it ever since.
They are very cheap and last all day.
You can also get mini ones which are perfect for your school/work bag.
I don't really know what it smells of, it just smells... NICE!
I really recommend this if you are on a really tight and cheap budget.
Here Is my 'Honey by Marc Jacobs' perfume.
This stuff is the most amazing thing ever.
It is very expensive though..
Aside that it lasts all day.
It smells perfect.
I can't even explain it.
The packaging is so pretty and I love the detail he puts on everything.
Finally this is 'Our Moment'.
Because I am a big directioner I had to get this,
I am so glad I did.
I love fruity smells and this is what 'Our Moment' smells of.
I just loveee itt!
Oh and sorry about the heart in the picture.
I didn't take enough pictures of it lol.
Love of love
Sydnii. Mwahh x


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    1. Aw thanks x And of course I will follow your blog. x