Sunday, 2 March 2014

My morning skincare routine | | Miss Sydnii.

Jenny gave me the idea of doing my morning skincare routine.
So that is what I am going to do.
I first use my Blackhead Clean and clear
I use this with some cotton pads from Tesco, these were about 99p.
My cleanser was about £3.00.
I put it on my nose and around the edges, this wear I get most of my blackheads.
After that, I then use my Daily Cleanser.
I use this with the same cotton pad.
I put this all over my face and part of my neck.
This was also around £3.00
I then apply my Blemish Stick from Witch.
I put this were my spots are most worst.
I really like these because they are cheap and work amazingly.
They also small, so you don't need to worry about getting spots on holiday.
When you have the handy Blemish stick in your makeup bag.
To make my face smoother and less oily,
I put on my Simple Hydrating moisturiser.
This is great for younger people/teenagers because it is not to hard on the skin.
It is also about £3.00-4.00.
Finally, I put on my Rosy Vaseline.
This makes your lips feel soft and nice.
It also put's a slight tint to your lips.
So if you are having a no make-up day, it will you give you nice tint to your lips without full on lipstick.
These range from 90p - £2.00.
Thanks for reading guys.
Miss Sydnii x


  1. Great post! I use a lot of these products myself :) I followed your blog on GFC and would love if you returned the favour :) x


    1. Aw thanks x Which products do you have? xo

  2. Amazing blog ! I've also been using the Blackhead Clean and Clear cleanser myself

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