Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sydnii's Seven Days - Week 1

So, some of you guys will already know Jenny from the blog ever weird but on her blog she doing my weird week and that gave me the idea to start my own one. So here it is 'Sydnii's 7 days'. I have to take a picture everyday and write about it. Hopefully I will keep it up but knowing me I will forget to do it and it will be a one time thing.

Monday -

On Monday I took this cheeky selfie with my brother and sister. I thought it was pretty cute.
Tuesday -

On Tuesday this boy(I do know him) got my phone and took a selfie, Nothing really happened this day. It was the first back after the easter holiday so it was pretty boring.
Wednesday -
On Wednesday, Me and Jenny did a no makeup day at school. I really don't know why, I looked terrible all day! We are never doing that again!
Thursday -

On Thursday my mum got me the Body Shop Lip Scrub in strawberry. She knows I love my strawberries ;).
Friday -
On Friday our family got invited to a friends birthday barbeque. Unfortunately it was raining but luckily she did have a gazebo so we didn't get wet even though we were shriving like mad. 
Saturday -

On Saturday I went to a 13th birthday party. Can you spot me? Hint : My hair is Straight..
Sunday -
Today has just been a homework/Lazy day. Nothing ever really happens on sundays!
So I hope you guys will like the series on my blog and I am so about the iPhone 4 photos, i don't really want to take my camera to school. I would look a tad weird.
Bye My Little Beavers
Love you all.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

my clothing wishlist

1. Monochrome collared dress//Love clothing. 2. Mesh Shift dress//Love Clothing 3.Daisy Shift dress//Miss Guided.
4.New balance 547//JD sport.

As you can see I am a fan of Shift dresses...
I have been looking at dresses because I am going to party at the end of April and I want a new outfit.
The first website that popped in my mind was Love clothing because I heard that they had got new stock in so I went to look for some dresses and I found number 1 and number 2.

I like number 1 because You can dress it up and down. You can dress it up by wearing high  heels and a chunky necklace or you can wear it down by putting a pair of tights on and style it with some Doc Martens. Also because it is black it will go with almost everything.

Number 2 is a favourite of mine because it's a beautiful dress. It will pretty with some high heels and a beautiful necklace, it also not too long. It is a typical party dress but very original because of the mesh part at the neck line of the dress.

Number 3 is from a website called Miss Guided. This dress is a casual dress and will look nice with my item number 4. But like the other one you can also dress it up. I just really like this item and will look really pretty when you are in town.

And finally item number 4 is a pair of Trainers, These Trainers are New Balance's 574. I think they would be perfect for PE at school but look nice with jeans and some dresses. They are good for walking around town because they look comfy and because they are navy they would go with a lot of things.

Bye my little Beavers
Sydnii x

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


when people go to the toilet I think the one thing everyone wants to do after is wash their hands, because of all the horrid and icky germs.
well I thought I would tell you about my favourite hand soap and hand cream, its a weird post but oh well.
my favourite soap is the 'NSPA hand wash and hand cream'.
I got these two for Christmas but I have only just started to use them and so far they are amazing, the hand wash makes your hands feel very clean and not feel like you still have germs on your hands.
the best thing is that the hand lotion tops it all off, it makes your hands feel really smooth and it doesn't stick on your hands for too long.
so far these products are the best hand products I have used in a long time.
I seriously recommend them. 
they don't cost much, you can get them from Asda.
bye my little beavers.
This was NOT sponsored.