Tuesday, 8 April 2014


when people go to the toilet I think the one thing everyone wants to do after is wash their hands, because of all the horrid and icky germs.
well I thought I would tell you about my favourite hand soap and hand cream, its a weird post but oh well.
my favourite soap is the 'NSPA hand wash and hand cream'.
I got these two for Christmas but I have only just started to use them and so far they are amazing, the hand wash makes your hands feel very clean and not feel like you still have germs on your hands.
the best thing is that the hand lotion tops it all off, it makes your hands feel really smooth and it doesn't stick on your hands for too long.
so far these products are the best hand products I have used in a long time.
I seriously recommend them. 
they don't cost much, you can get them from Asda.
bye my little beavers.
This was NOT sponsored.

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