Friday, 2 May 2014

Lipstick Powder and Paint. - Makeup bag review.

Todays post is all about a make up bag I got a few weeks ago. I love it so much I have to do a review on it.
The company of the make-up bag is 'Shurti'. I had never heard of this company, so I will definitely be looking for some more things of there's.
First of all the size of this bag is perfect, it is meant to be a travel bag but you would use it as an everyday make up it is that big, the length of the bag is also a really good size. You can fit a normal size make up brush in without struggling. The height of the bag also is amazing.
The writing on the bag is super cute, 'Lipstick Powder and Paint' is what I love the most about the bag. I also really love the font the writing is in :)
I also like the colour scheme; the red and the white go really well and don't over power the bag.
So I really recommend this bag, everybody needs it!

Lot's of love
Sydnii x  

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